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  1. A designee of the LUC will conduct an ecological review of previously undeveloped and unapproved sites. The review will be completed after Housing Committee approval of site but before LUC approval. The person applying for the site will pay $50 for the review. If the site is not approved, the $50 is refundable from the LUC budget. Although the findings of the ecological review are recommendations for the potential site owner, not requirements, they should be seriously considered during all phases of development.

  2. Before moving stumps from trees cut down during site development to another location on The Farm, site holders must get approval from the Farm Manager for a location to deposit stumps. It is also acceptable on some sites to leave stumps in place or to have them ground down.

  3. To get approval by the LUC in preparation for a 14-day public notice, submit a detailed site plan on paper that includes the following (check off as completed):

      ___   Location, square footage, and dimensions of the main buildings

      ___   Elevation of the buildings and types of foundation

      ___   Location and dimensions of the driveway

      ___   Anticipated location of the septic tank and drain field

In preparation for the ecological review and LUC site approval, do the following on the ground (check off as completed):

       ___   Stake and tape the footprint of the house and any additional buildings

       ___   Encircle with flagging tape the trees outside of the building footprints that are anticipated will need to be cut for building construction, driveway, utilities, and septic system (location as predicted).

       ___   Delineate both driveway edges with labeled pin flags

When the eco-report is complete, it is sent to the person applying for the site and to the LUC, who will review it and then make a site visit. The LUC may suggest revisions to the site plan at this time. Erosion control measures that may be necessary during construction as well as any permanent erosion control structures (site specific) should be discussed at this time.

  1. After the LUC has approved the final site plan, according to the Site Acquisition Process grid, the board will issue a 14-day public notice.

  2. Work on the site can commence only after a Board representative gives official notice to the person(s) requesting the site that the site plan is approved, and the site is granted.

  3. Next:   ___   Obtain the septic permit with the Lewis County Health Department (931-796-4440). 

___   Submit a copy of the septic system map with location of house, septic tank, and drain-field for the notebook kept by LUC.

7.  If new site holders are not residing on The Farm, they will keep their sponsor informed of the timetable for construction, as well as the names of contractor and subcontractors that are being used for each stage of development and construction. 

Be advised that water will not be hooked up at the site until the site holder has received a bill for the water tap fee (approximately $650-$1,400) and subsequently received confirmation from The Foundation operations manager that their payment for this bill has been received in full.

Site holders should also be aware that they will eventually incur annual county property taxes based on the assessed value of their home, as well as the county solid waste disposal fee.

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