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Suggestions for information to include in your Introduction Letter for your Application:

  • Introduce yourself (and family) to community members who do not know you or who would like to know you better

  • Share some of your history or experiences prior to moving to The Farm

  • Share what attracted you to joining The Farm

  • Share how you are involved or would like to be involved in the community

  • Share what you can offer to the community and what the community offers you in return

  • Share how you relate to the community agreements


Please don’t feel limited to these topics, or that you have to include all of the information above.  These are suggestions, we trust you to use your own judgement to complete a letter that introduces you to the community in a way that you feel comfortable with.


Be sure to include a photo to share with your Introduction Letter to the community.


Keep it short and sweet.  The more digestible letters are easily read by more members, as most people don’t have time to read an Introduction Novel while browsing daily Discussion List Emails. Try to find a balance between a few paragraphs and a couple of pages.


If you need help with your letter, ask your sponsor for suggestions or to review your letter and give feedback before it’s shared with the community.

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