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Adopted by the Board of Directors, June 2007

1. No loose dogs [at ANY time]. Dog owners must keep their dogs restrained on a run, on a leash, or in a secure fence, including when in their yard. *(See procedures for exemptions.)

2. Free space: deep in the woods, designated fields (refer to Land Use). If the dog owner hears or sees approaching people, they must put their dog back on the leash.

3. Leashed dogs on walks must be securely tied at a safe distance from public buildings. The Farm Store has designated dog leash areas.

4. No dogs are allowed at festivals, community center or any public events or gatherings. No unrestrained dogs at the swimming hole. No dogs in the swimming hole during swimming hours.

5. Tennessee Law requires that dogs receive a yearly rabies vaccination.  Dog owners are responsible for this.

6. Guests, family members and visitors must also abide by these guidelines.  Please give guests with dogs a copy of the guidelines or ask them to get in touch with a Dog Committee member.


To be exempt from having your dog secured in your yard, your dog:

  1. Must stay in your yard at all times,

  2. Must not approach passersby or visitors,

  3. Must not approach bicycle riders,

  4. Must not chase cars,

  5. Must not approach other dogs on leashes,

  6. Must be leashed when taken from your yard, and

  7. Must have no complaints made against it.

*To open the possibility for owners to learn and receive certified voice training control for their dogs, other exemptions can be submitted to the DC for consideration.




[1]  The person making the complaint:

  1.  first tells the dog's owner(s) about the incident.

  2.  then calls someone on the Dog Committee [DC]

[2]  The person on the DC who is contacted records:

  1. the date/time         

  2. the incident                       

  3. the owner's response

[3] Depending on the incident or number of incidences the DC will attempt to work with the dog owner to facilitate compliance.

[4] If the owner is noncompliant the DC can call the Membership Committee.

  1. MC meets with the owner to help facilitate compliance

  2. If owner is noncompliant MC can vote for removal of dog from The Farm.



Barking dogs: Frequent and relentless barking can be considered a public nuisance. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to insure that their neighbors are not disturbed by their dog’s barking.


Aggressive dogs: Dogs that are known to be aggressive (through complaints, etc.), should not be brought to public places, even on a leash or left unattended in a vehicle where they could get out. Aggressive dogs should be doubly secured. If an aggressive dog is not kept under control by its owner, the community can ask that it be removed.

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